By: Punk Kittye

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Wednesday, 14-Jul-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Long & Winding Road

A view looking over the road
A view of the freeway from the road
Another view of the freeway
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I am back! Thanks for all the great comments while I was gone. I look forward to seeing what you all have been posting while I was gone

Today, if you wish to drive north from Los Angeles towards the San Joaquin Valley, you can comfortably speed along the eight-lane Interstate 5. This was not always so. From 1915 to 1933, motorists navigated 48 miles of torturous hairpin curves and steep grades along the Old Ridge Route between Castaic and the Grapevine. The exhausting trip (speed limit: 15 mph for cars, 12 mph for trucks) easily took an entire day. The route was replaced in 1933 by the much straighter, wider and less harrowing Highway 99, also known as the Alternate Ridge Route. Interstate 5 opened to motorists in 1960. These photos were taken on an outing along what is left of the Old Ridge Route a couple of weeks ago.

Monday, 14-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
There's Not Much To Be Said, It's The Top Of The End

Rock Formations in Charleston, OR
I will be offline for a little while. I will see you all when I get back. Enjoy yourselves while I am gone!

Saturday, 12-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Life Is A Rock But The Radio Rolled Me

Rock formation within Tick Canyon
Ancient debris flow within the canyon
Ancient stream channel within the canyon
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"Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
Gotta turn it up louder, so my DJ told me
Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
At the end of my rainbow lies a golden oldie"

Tick Canyon lies in the Soledad Basin in southern California, and represents a tributary of the Santa Clara River channel. Tick Canyon lies between Mint Canyon to the west and Tapie and Spring Canyons to the east. The area has been a well known mineral collecting area for Southern Californians for many years, being most famous for its high quality howlite nodules. Among specialists it is also known as the type locality, and perhaps the only accessible locality, for the very rare strontium borate veatchite. Micro mineral collectors also know it as a source for nice sharp natrolite and analcime crystals, and in earlier times it was known for agates on the nearby hills.

Wednesday, 2-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Anakin up high
Anakin trapping Garfield
Anakin in the sink
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A child born of prophecy, possibly conceived by the will of the Force itself, Anakin Skywalker has left an indelible mark on the history of the galaxy, leading it through periods of lightness and dark. This is the name we gave our Himalayan cat. It was the obvious choice, as his mother was Princess Leia (in the future Star Wars realm, Han and Leia have three children: Jaina, Jacene, and Anakin). Also, like the Anakin who grows up to be Darth Vader, our Anakin has a bit of an attitude at times. As a kitten he was referred to as "Anakin the anarchist" and still shows some of those same traits even now at 2 1/2.

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Our Journey Is Hard And The Lake Is Far

Lake Beds #1
Lake Beds #2
Lake Beds #3
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"Run across the seas, find the brightness in the mist
Following the lane, you will reach the Silver Lake
Our journey is hard and the lake is far
We will never fall, in the strength we hold"

These photos are of old lake bed sediments near the Salton Sea in California. They are very thick (look at the photos with humans in them for scale) and have been uplifted by the San Andreas Fault.

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